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How to keep dimensions with at least one hit for one event


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Working for a media group.

I would like to keep only articles shared at least once on FB. 

On the article there is a FB icon and from this event I know if the article is shared. 

For each article at least shared once I would like to keep the total number of page views so it means I want to take in account the page views from this article even for users who dont share it as long as one user shares once i want to keep all the views for this article.

See in the attached document : only keep the yellow articles. 



Thanks a lot in advance for your help.


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Hey @Sophie_H! So glad to see a fellow media org person here.

You can create a segment where Click on FB Icon is greater than zero (either through Component List or Quick-Segment. My recommendation is to use the Component List option if you want to use this segment for other projects.

This should be able to filter your list of articles and add up the pageviews for any article that was shared on FB. 

Here is an example of how I did it in our instance using comparable metrics; I did it through Quick Segment, but you can use the same application for Component Segment.






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Hi @kayawalton thanks a lot for your reply and sorry for the delay on my feedback.


Unfortunately, I had tested this as well before sending my request here. And no luck I am not getting the result as expected. Because it is keeping only the hits having the click on FB so I am counting on the page views only users that have clicked on the FB icon.

I would like to keep the bunch of URL getting at least one click on FB icon and then counting all the page views for those URLS even from visits without FB icon clicked.






Adobe Champion

Hi @Sophie_H --no worries at all.

Just to confirm - you want total page views for any URL that generated a click on FB icon at least once and those total pageviews are regardless of whether the button was clicked on or not. 

If that is the case, please try these steps:

  1. Create the Component List segment for Clicks on FB > 0. 
  2. Create a table with one column of Clicks on FB and two columns of pageviews. 
  3. Find the Component List segment and insert that into one of the columns for pageviews.

Unfortunately, I do not think filtering by metrics is not available (you can certainly upvote the idea for that here) so you will have to download the table and remove any rows that have Clicks on FB = 0. The row with the filter will give you the pageviews that generated a click on FB, and the row without the filter should be the total pageviews for any article that generated a click to share on FB.

I hope that makes sense.