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Metric Filters


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Hi there,

An idea that would be really useful for us is metric filters/criteria in workspace.

At the moment if you drop an Evar on a free form table you can filter based on values.

What I would love to see is the ability to do this on metrics (greater than / less than) as currently we have to do these reports in report builder / excel.

An (very crude) example of what I am after is below.






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as a workaround you can use a calc. metric like



    - visits

    - (static number) 100

THEN visits

ELSE (static number) 0

add more conditions as needed (using AND), and receive a table where it only shows the visit number for the condition. all other rows will receive a zero.

I know this is not as good as your idea, but might help meanwhile ... and I voted to get the feature!


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So is it possible in report builder to not show metrics with a value of 0? I haven't been able to figure out how to do that or found detailed documentation on it. 




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catalinas137940 that's the same issue i'm running into. I'm wanting to show the bottom 10 performing campaigns that have over 200 visits to them. What ursboller mentioned allows me to at least zero out the ones under 200 but I still can't have a visualization for the team of what I'm trying to show since I can't create a segment on that calculated metric.


I'm trying to show the top 10 campaigns and bottom 10 performing campaigns with over 200 visits in a workspace dashboard without having to export the data out and building a dashboard elsewhere. Either a filter would allow me to do that or the ability to do a segment on a calculated metric but neither are available.