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How do you filter by URL in Flow chart?


Level 2

I am trying to:

1. See the pages visited by visitors who filled out a form on our website and then...

2. Filter the entry page to a specific URL.

However, when I use the filter by that specific URL, Adobe doesn't seem to take in that filter. It still shows me a bunch of URLs randomly who filled out a form.

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Community Advisor

In any visualisation, AA can really only filter by whatever values have been tracked to its eVars, props and other dimensions.

So, first question is: are you tracking your page URLs to any eVar or prop?

On the other hand, maybe your pages are already being tracked to the Page dimension with human-readable names instead of URLs (depending on how your AA implementation has been done). If so, then you can use the Page dimension in your Flow visualisation instead.


Level 2

Hey @yuhuisg, thanks for the response. Yes, our URLs are linked to an eVAR.

I've managed to work out the issue. I can't replicate the issue previously but I believe it was more of a lack of understand on how Flow works.