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Exits in flow visual


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I'd like to understand if the term "exit" in the flow graph ever refers to either a bounce rate or to "exit from the site". In other words, can exit in a flow graph ever be interpreted as bounce rate of exit rate (from the site)?


I think that if the flow is based on a page dimension for example, building a sequence from page 1 to (any) page 2, any exit from that flow on page 1 would mean an exit from the site, i.e. an exit rate. Is that correct?



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In the flow diagrams, Exits can be both "just exits" (as in the last page in the user's visit) or "bounces" (this was the only page the user viewed then they left again).


Basically we can consider "bounces" as a very specific subset of "Exits".


Adobe's default "Bounce Rate" is based off of "user had one hit in their visit... Depending on your implementation (if you many track interaction clicks on elements on your page such as overlays or dismiss-able banners, etc) then this will affect your bounce rate....


We do have that, so we created our own calculated metric for bounce rate based on Single Page View Visits.... 


You are correct, that the those would represent and exit rate from that page.. but you should be able to create a calculate metric for Exit Rate that you can use in a standard freeform table (which would probably be easier to read)