Exclude by IP retroactive? And internal traffic segment question.




I recently found our internal IP exclusions are inactive. If I reactive these IP addresses will this help filter our internal traffic retroactively from these IPs or would this just impact data in the future? 


Also I saw previous AAC posts reference the ability to filter out internal IPs within analysis workspace by using a segment with a prop or evar. If this is true, would someone help me walk through this? Thanks so much, AAC!

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Accepted Solutions (1)




Dear Jordan,

Can you share the Link?

Adobe Workspace didn't have IP Address by default unless you capture it in a Prop or an eVar manually.

If you start capturing the IP from today, then segmentation will also apply to the Data only from today. But since IP address is captured by Adobe (Default), you can request Engineering Team for help, but will incur cost.

Thank You, Arun


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