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The metrics: Orders and Revenue


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I wonder are there any updates on these 2 metrics? I have checked the data but it is shown increasingly from what I have tracked.

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What sort of update are you looking for? I think we need more details about your issue so that we can help you better.


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We use custom metrics for both of these where I work. This is mostly because there is a lot more than normal going on in checkout for us with discounts, coupons, member savings, deals, etc. The out of the box metrics work great for many but it may be better to use custom metrics if you have a lot of variables in checkout.


Level 4

In case you are seeing inflated numbers for Orders and Revenue, most probable cause would be not setting up s.purchaseID in your implementation. 


Below is extract from documentation - 

The purchaseID variable helps prevent hits containing the same purchase from inflating reports. For example, if a visitor reaches your purchase confirmation page, you typically send data around the revenue generated from the transaction to Adobe. If the user refreshes this page multiple times or bookmarks the page to visit later, those hits can inflate reports. The purchaseID variable de-duplicates metrics when more than one hit has the same purchase ID.

When Adobe recognizes a hit as a duplicate purchase, all conversion data (such as eVars and events) do not show in reporting. In data feeds, the duplicate_purchase column is set to 1.

Purchase ID’s apply to all visitors and expire after 37 months. If one visitor sets a given purchase ID, then a different visitor sets that same purchase ID a year later, the second purchase is de-duplicated.

Complete reference - purchaseID | Adobe Analytics