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Calculation for unique emails and when they have more than one visit


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Hey folks, first I want to thank @yuhuisg for an earlier post where they said you can get unique totals using Approximate Count Distinct against a Dimension. 



I am now able to see the total of unique email addresses against an Account Number that I am tracking. Each email address is essentially a user. My question now is how do I return ONLY the users who have multiple visits to that same account number.

In the attached image, my top row is my Account Number, in this example there are 25 unique email addresses associated to that account number. The email address for row 1.1 has had 28 visits where that account was accessed, row 1.2 has had 15, etc. down to row 20 that has only had one visit. My screen was not large enough to grab the rest.

What I am really looking to return is the total unique emails, the 25 users, but then the total number of those users where the visit is greater than 1. This would tell me that out of the 25 users, X users, in this case 19 users, had more than one visit. And I would like to do this without having to add in the dimension of the email for all 196,872 rows. Any thoughts, I just can't seem to get those single visits to subtract from the total. 



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You can create a segment and apply on report.

If you want to check how many users having more than 1 visit.

Refer below segment.





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To dovetail with prads reply:

You could create a calculated metric to count Unique Users using the segment of multiple visits.  (Note the segment needs to be at the visitor level)


Compare this to an all unique vistors metric and you should see the difference.  However, this relies upon each of visitors being identified as the same visitor each time they log into an account.