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Events (DCR) firing in subsequent hits that its supposed to


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Hi All, 


We have a form that has about five sections and we have events such as form starts, section starts and section close and so on. These events fires on the exact events but also keeps firing on every subsequent hit.
step 1: Visitor opens the form
Events: Event 1 (Form Starts) and Event 2 (Section Starts), Evar 1 (Section 1), Evar 2 (Form Name)
Step 2 customer finishes filling the first section
Events: Event 1 (Form Starts) , Event 2 (Section Starts) , Event 3 (Section Completed)  Evar 1 (Section 1), Evar 2 (Form Name)
Step 3: Customer starts the next section by expanding the acordion
Events: Event 1 (Form Starts) , Event 2 (Section Starts) , Event 3 (Section Completed), Event 2 (Section Starts)  Evar 1 (Section 2), Evar 2 (Form Name)


Now in this example I want to be able to clear the the Evar 1 after each event hit but want to persist Evar 2 till the form completion event. 
Also want to fire form starts only once along with the Evar 2 form name 


how do i go about it? 
and so on

I want to be able to 



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@Vijaysarathy_Krishnan If I am correct than you want to clear the value of evar1 after a form section is filled. But in that case only last section value will be sent in evar1. Either you use different custom variables for each section or append the section name in the same evar1 for each form section. 

All values will be present till you send a web beacon (which I am assuming is being fired only on submission of form). If you have configured it in such a way that on click of next accordian the server call is sent for previous form section that your requirement can be achieved by clearing out the variables ( using Clear Variables action in Launch). But if the server call is sent only on button click than I am afraid sending different value of evar1 is possible. You may want to check out the Listvars in that case.


If servercall is fired only on submission of form than event1 will be fired only once.

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