ERROR Saving Feed failed when creating a new data feed

martinh36864894 14-01-2019

Dear expert,

I tried to create a new data feed this morning, but it keeps failing.

"ERROR Saving Feed failed",

I used the same setting (SFTP) but changed name and schedule for a couple of times before, it all worked fine. But today I can't get it worked.

I also tried to change destination folder and update schedule, update name, it's the same failure message.

Please let me know what other I could try or is there any down time or changes on data feed?

Thank you,


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Accepted Solutions (1)

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Answers (2)

Chris_Leyland 16-01-2019

Hi Martin,

I've been suffering with the same issue & logged this with client care.

Apparently there's an ongoing bug on Adobe's end with data feeds and this is being worked on by engineering.