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Warning: This panel contains components that are not enabled in the selected Data View


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The Data Engineer development team removed a couple of dimensions used from the data view and all project panels were broken and we started having such a message:


They restored the dataview with two equivalent dimensions, same name, and we fix all panels in the dashboard.

All visualization are again functional, and we are not using the old dimensions anywhere. No filters, no visualizations, everything seems fine at panel levels. All data is shown without error.

It looks like the old dimensions are somehow still linked to the panels. For example, if I go to curate project data I can see the new and the old dimensions:


After thorough review we have confirmed that apparently there are no remains of the old dimensions in the visualizations.

However the warning still appears in all panels view and when the project is opened.

Do you know if there is a way to refresh or curate the panel components so we can get rid of this message? or alternative find where the old dimensions could be being used?


Thanks in advance 

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I think this could be a bug. Can you please log a ticket to the support with all details such that this can be looked at?



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Alternatively, you can hid all of the display tables, and then copy and insert them into a new panel (depending on the size and complexity of the panel).  


This might help you shake that cached dimension.


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Tried this, but the error was moved to the new panel when copying the visualizations that initially contained the old fields. 

I was able to fix it by recreating the tables with the exact same fields. It is time consuming tough.