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SAINT import Status Indicator


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It can be a guessing game to know when a SAINT either browser or FTP is fully uploaded.

It would be helpful to have status to know an estimated finishing time, or even a more general status.



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There isn't a way to see the status of classification imports (formerly, SAINT) in the Admin Interface. Previously we could at least see if something was processing (but not % completion or estimated completion time). Now we can't see anything. And with multiple people involved, this gets tricky. Can you add something so we can see if data is processing, better yet, % completion and which user uploaded?


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I'd like to add to this request and say that it would be useful to have some sort of summary available once a file has been processed, similar to what is available when using the browser import (e.g. records uploaded/processed, records ignored). Currently, the FTP import seems to be too much of a "black box".


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Chiming in on this as well. "Black box" is a good way to describe it. Presumably, there are some specific steps that go into the processing of a classification file, and, presumably, there is some definitive point when the classification is "done."


I regularly run into cases -- especially when I'm setting up new classifications -- where I don't know if there is something wrong with the file I've uploaded or if I simply haven't waited long enough to see the results. If there was a, "Hey, we're all good. Everything you've given us is done and propagated" message, and I'm not seeing what I'm expecting, then I'd know the issue was on my end (and it wasn't just a lack of patience). 


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I also agree. A saint dashboard would be nice. I've had stuff running sometimes for a week and I know it's processing because the new way implimented gives multiple 'none' rows with different values for the selected metrics. Since I uploaded something with only 12 rows of data to be classified in one rollup I can see 12 none's so I know it working but it's frustrating to not know when it will be done. And sometimes timing is important.


I also have about 5-6 different saint classifications running currently one of which was a 500MB file with over 8.2 M rows of data. Plus my rule builder classificaitions.


I'd like to be  able to prioritize the processes if possible raising or lowering priorities based on my companies needs to get higher priority classifications finished sooner.


but just knowing 1) that it's running, 2) how far along, 3) when will I see 'current data' (ir most recent month), 4) when will it finish completely would truely help in managing the entire process


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I'm going to chime in again since there hasn't been any comments since June. I've uploaded 2.5M records to a classificaiton with 32 fields almost 2 weeks ago. and I still don't see any data for 'today' or yesterday or the day I uploaded or the day before that. I've uploaded the file 2 more times. every time it disappears which means Saint took it but if I attempt to download via the classification exporter I find that some records have some classification but not everything is getting done.


This is very anoying because I have a number of managers etc coming to me asking when this data is going to be available for use. in AAM I have it in 24 hours. if I use customer attributes it's there very quickly but I'm limited to 3 attributes when I'm trying to do 32. We are looking at getting 360 but that won't happen for months and they want the data now.


If I can get some sort of a status of what is happening it would help because right now saint is a giant black hole and not being able to pull back the cover to get some status etc is very frustrating. This is a huge need to keep Adobe Analytics as a premier analytics offering.


The more the admins can know what is going on the back end the better we can administer the platform. And getting some best practices like how much data we should classify at once or one big file vs 3 smaller ones etc. and how many variables we should try to classify at the same time. I know I have at least 5-7 variables that are classified daily via TMMdata and I often upload other data to get classified on a non-regular basis and have no idea of the status.


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Please open up the backend logs for completed SAINT loads.  It does not have to be pretty - we just want to know when they are complete. The import emial is good just finish the job! 


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There are some planned updates to classifications coming. The first phase will happen by November 2018 and will include faster backend processing, a new classification API (optional to use at the beginning), and upload "job" status available through the API as well.