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UI in Customer journey analytics to monitor the data ingestion status


Level 1


Description - An UI feature to be added in CJA connection UI to monitor the data loading is happening from AEP to CJA, data loading status, or time left for the data load to complete

Why is this feature important to you -This feature will really be helpful to know how much time it might take for a data loading to complete in CJA. It will help the user in a lot more aspects as well.

How would you like the feature to work - An UI based monitoring window with any kind of strategy to show either the rows left from the source or time left to complete the process or resource availability and percentage of completion of data load and lot more ideas like this etc.

Current Behaviour -There is no UI feature to know the data loading status. Its just refreshing the connection to see the available records for reporting.



Level 6


Simplified instructions for getting to the connection details page in CJA:


  1. Log into CJA and go to the Connections tab. You'll need to be an admin to see this.
  2. On the Connections page, find the name of the connection you are interested in and click on the hyperlinked name in the Name column.
    1. If you aren't sure which connection to click on, go to the Data View Builder for the data view you care about and look for the connection on the Configure page.
  3. Clicking on the hyperlinked connection name will take you to the connection detail page. This contains information on which datasets are associated with the connection, and also shows graphs of the number of records added, skipped, and deleted. Note that the default date range is today.

There is no information about how much time is left before data is fully loaded or how many records are in the queue.