Manual Row (Dimension) ordering in Freeform table



It would be great if the option to manually select the ordering of the row dimensions were available, i.e. dragging and dropping where should go, just as we're able to do with the column dimensions - currently there is only the option of ascending or descending order. 

In terms of ordering of the columns it would also be useful to have the option of sorting the labels in ascending and descending order.

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Interesting idea on the manual rearranging. Had not considered that before. Thanks for these ideas - please keep them coming. 



@Dan_Ellis1, you read my mind.  Glad I found your post as I was making my own about this and a few other related reasons why I'd like to see the table builder from Ad Hoc make it's way to Workspace.


I too have wished there was an option to order the dimension in ascending/descending value in all of the analysis tools when working with custom prop/eVar dimensions that have numeric values.



+1 for this. I would also like to see weighted sorting, and also "multiple" sorting; "sort by column B, then by column A".



It would be great to be able to sort by line items in Workspace tables


I have added a few various metrics in the first column as line items and overlayed them with segments to get metric values I am after


What I I need is for some particular line items (which are metrc names) to be on top of the list so I could refer to them more often.


I would like to be able ot drag and drop a line item to a position in the list where I would like for it to sit.


is that possible?



yes please! it would be very helpful



It would be nice if we could sort by dimension values. For example, we have dates stored in an evar so it would be nice if we could sort by date. 




This is already possible in "Ad Hoc" via the table builder.  Allowing the user to dictate the order in workspace seems like a bit of a "no brainer" 🙂



+1 to this. When my analyst added multiple metrics as rows in a freeform table, he couldn't reorder them in a pattern that made sense to the organization. It seems to just order by event ID number.



+1 how can this not have been added yet.


Great suggestion and very much needed




Thanks for all this great feedback - we have manual row ordering on our backlog and are actively looking into a solution. I'd like to make sure I have the primary uses cases articulated so we can make sure we address them. Are they:


1) Ability to order metric rows manually, e.g. so you could show clicks, orders, then CVR in that order.


2) Ability to order dimensions manually, primarily for numeric dimension reordering - for this one, we may not be able to let you click "sort in numerical order" because we store dimensions as text at this time (this hits another effort we are pursuing though), but would just the ability to drag & rearrange suffice in the meantime?