Increase variable character limits for s.pageName and s.prop

nickdietsch 23-03-2010

Existing Functionality: Currently variables such as s.pageName and s.prop have a 100 character limit. This is extremely limiting when implementing a page naming strategy, particularly when including additional information with the page title. For example, site and country. In global suites, its often important to include additional information such as site, country, or a unique page ID to ensure the page name is unique and allow for additional pathing data.

Idea: Increase the character limitation on s.pageName and s.prop to 255 characters to be consistent with other variables such as URL, Referrer, s.eVar, s.hier, and s.campaign.

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michaels1727455 12-04-2010

I agree with nickdietsch's idea on increasing the variable character limits for s.pageName and s.prop variables. We are facing numerous challenges with this character limitation.

mayank2 12-04-2010



I beleive there should not be any limit at all. For long titles omniture can use some terminoligies like 1, 2, 3 after dot(....)


OR like Google analytics, it can give give first 100 chracters and show complete title when downloaded or when mouse is dragged on the title.




sambreunig 13-04-2010

Agree. The 100 character limit is too few for global, content-rich sites.

jaydge 08-11-2010

Also the 20-character limit on transaction ID can be limiting too, when the ID is an email address. However maybe the system auto-truncates, in which case it's probably no big deal.

xptr99210 11-03-2011

Right now it is limited to 100 characters and we have many instances of custom traffic reports with more than that - then of course the strings get truncated and the report loses interest.


Example available at [Incident: 110311-000026]


I certainly would appreciate having 255 characters available on the pageName variable

jieyingc9608864 04-03-2015


saraht69310464 15-05-2017

I agree on this. The limitation of 100 characters for prop and pagename is really outdated. I am astonished to see that this idea dates from 2010 and is still not handled by Adobe. 


Definitely agree with upping char limit of transactionID, but also purchaseID and also event serialization IDs. I'd like to see it bumped up to at least 36 chars to support UUID format.

pabloc82923542 22-11-2018

I am going to add my vote to this... it is singularly one of the most critically needed adjustments in Adobe Analytics