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Ideas for improving Marketing Channels


Level 3


I have been using Marketing Channels for a while and while I think it is great, I believe there are a number of changes that could be made to improve the usability of the tool.  Key points within my wishlist of changes are:


  • Classifications built off each channel separately
  • Visits and Bounce Rate as default metrics
  • Linked to Pathing reports
  • Unlimited breakdowns between classifications
  • Integration with External Search and Referrer reports
  • Change the reports available at the top level

The complete post can be found at http://www.l3analytics.com/2011/04/01/my-vision-for-sitecatalyst-marketing-channels/





We implemented at least two of these suggestions in SiteCatalyst 15. Specifically, you can segment by your marketing channels, then run a pathing report to create the link that you suggested in the third bullet point, and Visits is available as a default metric.