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Create segments based on sequence of events


Level 2


Short version, I can create a segment that says a visitor that has event1 and event 2, but you have no way of knowing how that visitor interacted with those two events- which event happened first..

For instance if I create a segment that says 'visitor that ordered and wrote a review', we don't know if he/she wrote a review and then ordered, or ordered and wrote a review.

This is just a simple example, but there are many other use cases for building segments based on sequencing.



Level 4


This essential.  For example I want to know:


- did someone search for a product,

- find out it was 'out of stock',

- then get an email saying 'it's back in stock',

- and then bought the product.


Ie, I need to be able to segment based on what happened 1st, 2nd, in a particular sequence etc.


This needs to be available in Discover and for Event, Visit or Visitor containers.