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Automatic, rule-based SAINT classifications based on specific criteria




SiteCatalyst should offer the ability to automatically classify "key" values that match a specified set of criteria. For example, if the key contains "12345," the campaign is automatically set to "Winter 2010 Campaign." This should also allow the use of wildcards (e.g., "12*45") and/or regular expressions.



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Here is another example:


We spend a huge amount of time classifying data and this would be much easier with the following:

 A way to build rules that use formulas to assign SAINT values (i.e. If Key begins with SEO|, Classification #1 = SEO)...


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Being able to use wildcards in SAINT classifications would be huge for us, especially for classifying revenue drivers (email, paid search, etc.)


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Most Campaign id's are created using a simple rule-set for marketers to be able to encode and decode as needed.  So a simple regex interface that would allow rule baesd classification sounds like just the ticket to help with what shouldn't be a manual process.


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When you've got tons of new tracking codes coming in every day, keeping the classifications up to date can be very challenging.  I would like to be able to use a wildcard * as part of a Key in a SAINT upload.

For example, if all email newsletter tracking codes will start with the same keywords, like:
mycompany_email_[newsletter issue]_[etc]


It would be great to be able to put the following as the Key in a SAINT upload and classify it as an Email, so SiteCatalyst will just recognize all future tracking codes with that wildcard, like this:


I've tried two approaches to get around this, but neither are as simple and immediate as having SiteCatalyst recognize the wildcard key could be:


(1) I had a developer write me a Java program that would grab a daily export of new campaign tracking codes off ftp.omniture.com, then complete the SAINT template using my wildcard instructions, then re-upload for import (and create the necessary .fin file, etc.).  But making changes to the program as needed could be challenging to a non-programmer like myself.

(2) Use a program like Track My Marketing (on developers.omniture.com) and get marketers to enter or upload all their tracking codes themselves. But getting buy-in & compliance with the process of doing this can be challenging.


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Yeah, RegEx would be perfect - i know that Engineering Services does that a lot for customers, so there's an absolute need for us there, too...