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Automatic, rule-based SAINT classifications based on specific criteria




SiteCatalyst should offer the ability to automatically classify "key" values that match a specified set of criteria. For example, if the key contains "12345," the campaign is automatically set to "Winter 2010 Campaign." This should also allow the use of wildcards (e.g., "12*45") and/or regular expressions.



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I would like to have some improvements to if possible:


1. Reg expressions 

2. Trendviews, graf from the averge week performance above the currect week to analyze closer 

3. Faster processing of the data, everything bellow 20 minutes is okey, currently it's about 1h 30 min in Sitecat 15.

4. Attribute injection to a dashboard, example: if I want to use the same dashboard for 10000 customer and if a customers wants some statistics I would like to change the attribute CUSTOMER IDENTIFICATION and retreive the dashboard updated.

5. Dashboard export to PowerPoint, usually that's the format used when presenting reports, this due to issues with the use of SiteCatalyst web interface on low screen resolutions during meetings.


Lets start here, if this are possible to do, then I'm greateful.




@PFG: Yes, there stil some chance that it will happen Smiley Happy Our team is actively working on improving the SAINT infrastructure so that it will scale nicely and allow auto-classifications to work really well in the future. We certainly have not forgotten this request (now the #2 most popular request in the Idea Exchange!) and are working toward this goal.


It is also worth noting that the free version of SAINT Bernard, available at https://developer.omniture.com/en_US/gallery/saint-bernard, can get you part of the way to auto-classifications by allowing you to set up rules that allow the tool to fill out columns for you based on some rules. You still need to use the tool whenever you want to make an update but at least you don't need to mess with thousands of rows of Excel.


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Good to hear this is still alive. For us, this would be particularly useful, not just for campaigns but other variables as well. (I count 10 for us at this point). As you noted, St. Bernard is lacking a scheduler and (last time I checked) full regex.


If this functionality can be "utilitized", it would also be useful to be able to use it in the context of processing rules.


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Hey Ben, glad to have you back at Adobe! Any update on timing? If you're looking for beta testers, please mark me first in queue.


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For some use cases (mostly when cooperating with partners) it would be really helpful, to be able to set classifications values through variables.

The idea is to define the fixed values for campaigns by a SAINT upload and use for instance wildcards to dynamically set the other values.


small example:

CampaignID, Partner, Integration Point

ID1234, Agency XY, %qp=ip%


Where %qp=ip% should be interpreted in a way that it is a dynamic parameter based on the sourrounding "%".

"qp" would mean that the value should be captured from a query parameter, which is specified by "ip".

Most probably here are other dynamic types (instead of query parameter) which would make sence.


If someone then opens the URL www.mydomain.com?cid=ID1234&ip=www.displaysite.com

The value from the query parameter "ip", which is "www.displaysite.com" should dynamically be set as the campaigns integration point.


I assume from a system perspective a campaign Sub-ID would have to be generated like ID1234-1 to be able to match dynamic values to a campaign ID root.