Analysis Workspace: Font Controls in Panel and Visualization Headings

tim_wilson11 14-11-2016

It would be great to have the ability to change the font size, style (bold / standard), and color (maybe) in the titles of panels and visualizations.

A crude illustration:

This would make it more feasible to do some degree of grouping of views of the metrics, as well as to draw the user's eyes to the key visualizations.

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benjamingaines2 15-11-2016

Thanks for the feedback, @GilliganOnData2. I don't know that we've discussed fonts per se, but we have definitely talked about giving you more control over things like color pallettes so that you can draw attention to certain data. Great suggestion to add to that list. 


@benjamingaines - The thing we struggle with is within a panel creating a sense of hierarchy to the content.


At the moment everything is of equal weighting.


It would be great if Adobe were to think about the wider question of "what the best way to create a sense of hierarchy within a panel containing lots of components?".


(font sizes/colors of titles might be one way to achieve this)

benjamingaines2 16-11-2016

Fair point, @AndyW

tim_wilson11 16-11-2016

That's well put by @AndyW. That's the real issue.

Antti_Ko 19-11-2016

Good idea and (again) Andy has good question to ask. I don't either know the perfect solution, but something is needed. Hmm, all backgrounds are white. Could there be any idea if we could change background colors and use same (light!) colors when trying to present same data story. Well, different backgrounds could be very confusing, so maybe better to forget my idea. Just throwing ideas up in the air! 😃

emilius22 29-01-2017

It also would be great to have the option for a different font/font size for downloaded reports. It seems that currently there can be a mix of different fonts (inlcuding Times New Roman!) in a report.


This is partially solved by the rich text editor for descriptions & text boxes.

Rich Text Editor in Analysis Workspace - YouTube

While it doesn't apply to panel & viz titles, some customers have zeroes out the titles, and just used the description area to title & describe a panel or viz.