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Analysis Workspace - Folders


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If they don't already exist, It would be nice to have folders to store workspaces.  My list is getting very large.  I like the tagging feature, but would also be nice to file some away.



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We would really welcome this addition.


I feel like the folder Idea could be expanded to other areas of Adobe Analytics (dimensions, metrics etc.) could be grouped using folderlike functionality.


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I work with multiple clients and projects, and share a lot of AW projects.  Having the ability to create folders to group projects would be greatly appreciated


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Any status on this?  If Workspace is to be our main tool, we really need this.  My workspaces that I've created for others are getting out of hand.  The tags are not helpful or enough of a solution.


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Just had a random thought and wondered if the below might work as an interim solution...

I'm assuming most people have come across the idea of creating a 'contents' Workspace project which just contains hyperlinks to other Workspace projects - this can be set as a landing page for users to avoid them seeing the default workspace project list and is another way to organise projects/aid navigation.

I wondered whether this concept could be extended to create a hierarchy of 'contents' projects which would act like a folder structure.  e.g. a master contents project that would then link to contents sub-projects which would eventually link to some projects with actual data in. You could even add 'back' links to allow navigation back up the structure.

Not ideal, and maintenance might be a bit of a pain, but possibly a stop gap?

anyone got any thoughts?...



I am surprised Adobe did not include this in one of their product releases up to now, It would be a really powerful feature especially when you have a big organization and you have 20-30 dashboards serving different audiences.. 


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I didn't see this mentioned at Summit so am not optimistic, but is there any update on this from an Adobe Product Manager? Thanks


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Trying to get this back in the conversation...it looks like it was brought up in 2015, but there's still no folder options? There's gotta be a way to introduce 'em?!?

Almost 7 years and still only tagging options available? Let's make it happen!!!