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Why I cannot see context variables in my processing rules.


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Hi, I created a new report suite yesterday and I sent context variables to the report suite. However, I cannot see any of them.

I also check other report suites that I created months ago. Some have context variables, some do not.

Can anyone help me about this?

I try to using processing rule to copy the out-of-box link tracking values to eVar and prop.

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Level 10

Hey David,

Not sure why the variable does not appear in the drop down menu. As far as I remember, the list should display the vars that have been passed to the report suite for the last month.

I would advise to not wait, just type in the variable name in the field and hit Enter. It will allow you to configure the processing rules right away.


Level 1

I figure it out myself. You need to enable Activity map for that report suite to show the context data in processing rule (However, I am not able to see any real data right now)

Can some of you add this to the document in the processing rule, as none of the material mention this and it is pure misleading!