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WebsiteBot Plug-in and Flagging Users with Accessibility Challenges


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At the 2021 Summit, @BenjaminGaines introduced the websiteBot Plug-In at "Tips & Tricks". The plug-in identifies bot desktop visitors by adding an event listener for mouse movement and assumes that if a "user" doesn't move their mouse, then it's likely a bot.


However, users on a website may have accessibility challenges and choose to use a keyboard to navigate (i.e. they may not move their mouse at all). 

There were a couple comments in the live chat about this concern as well.


Is it possible that the Plug-In might incorrectly flag users with accessibility challenges who don't move their mouse? I understand the plug-in isn't a "silver bullet" to clean up all bot reporting, but just wondering if this consideration was baked in.


cc @jantzen_b 

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Great question. Let me see what I can find out from the team. 



Hi @catherine_kumseun. This is a valid concern, and our Consulting team is going to add functionality to the plug-in to account for keyboard usage. Keep an eye on the plug-in page in our documentation for updates once that is done!