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Adobe Summit 2021, Analytics Session | S310 - First Steps to Visualize the Customer Journey


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Do you want to understand how your customers navigate across your site? Are you struggling to identify drop-off points in the conversion process? Are you interested to see how different segments trend over time? With Adobe Analysis Workspace,...

Session Schedule

Wednesday, Apr 28 | 2:00 PM - 2:30 PM MDT


Travis Sabin, Senior Product Manager, Adobe | @Tsabin1 

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@Tsabin1  in the cohort analysis of visits against visits, how does Adobe know it's the same user coming back after 10 months? is this based on the cookie? if so, it doesnt seem accurate, right? 



We are using visitor identification to link the visits.  This may or may not be using cookies (there are many ways to do visitor identification in Analytics  (third-party cookies, first-party cookies, customer visitor id, use a login, IP+user-agent, etc).  We will use whatever the customer’s implementation uses to do the visitor identification so that visits can be linked.