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Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and other Technologies are using in adobe analytics to get accurate insights and even faster.


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Is it true or false guys?
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Dear PradeepKasipuri,

All the first, the question is highly volatile and feels like a survey question rather than a technical question.

Adobe is not a simple data warehouse tool where you need to deep-dive on data to find insights, rather,

1. with the AI adobe can give your its own insights,

2. with greater support with UI, a business stakeholder can understand data without coding complexities

3. monitor traffic and conversion to evaluate the performance etc. etc.

True or False is an individual perception. Not for adobe, but for all the tools in the world!

Thank You, Pratheep Arun Raj B | Xerago | Terryn Winter Analytics



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Hello Pradeep, 


In my experience, Adobe Analytics is using many processes in the background which leverage machine learning and AI to help present the data and reveal insights you may overlook without it. 


The Summit last week highlighted so many things, and I think would lend to your learning and understanding of the possible benefits.


I would say true, and agree that it is a very subjective question and not as technical.