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Huge Direct and Referral Traffic (Mathtag.com)


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Hi All,

27th October onwards, we started getting huge traffic on our website via one of the referring domain mathtag.com and other major contributor is the Direct Traffic.  If the previous traffic is around 15K visits in a week and now this has gone up to 200K visits per week. Below are some observations:

- Traffic from many countries but top 5 countries are Chille, Brazil, Veitnam, Mexico, Saudi Arabia.

- 99.8% Visitors land on home page only

- Our main market is US and in the previous months we have always seen US sending the highest visitors

- This is from both desktop and mobile devices but mobile contributes more than 80%

- Our campaigning team has not done any campaigning via this

Initially, we thought it as SPAM but there is some activity from this traffic on the site. Mainly the view views from the home page and very few traversed to internal pages and any asset download happened. So its difficult to call it as SPAM.

Has anyone got hit by this domain anytime? Is it SPAM or genuine traffic

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.



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This is likely just a SPAMware type of site.

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Likely your web sites got caught up in a spammers list. Try and look at your referring URLs to make sure the links are indeed not deliberately being sent from a 3rd party ad buy your company may have done(not likely). Once you verify that I recommend you have your IT department block traffic from that domain.

good luck


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Thanks for the response. WE are still figuring out the cause behind this. None of the way helped out as of now. This does not look a spam traffic as we see some internal searches, some form fills as well as other form of conversions (asset downloads and video views) from this traffic.


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When you see traffic from a domain like this look at referring URL(s). Go to the referring URLs themsleves to see what links exist to your site there. This should then give you an idea as to what content is of interest to these new referrers.

Good luck