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Data Source with Transaction ID and Orders


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Hi, I'm settting up a new data source with of type "Generic - Transaction ID". The transactions represent leads. We want to upload the offline orders from those leads.

In the Data Source Help, it says: "Product information (from s.products) is not contained in the visitor profile "snapshot," so you must upload any associated product data in the data source file along with the transaction ID. Note that you can specify only one product per row, so you might need to upload multiple rows with the same transaction ID to include all products."

It's not clear though how to handle the "Orders" column for an order with multiple products. If I'm supposed to have multiple rows per product with the same Transaction ID, what value am I supposed to use in the "Orders" column in those rows? If I set it to 1 in each row, then I get more than 1 orders in total. Any ideas?

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