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Alerts - Orders above a certain discount %


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Hi Everyone,

I'm trying to build the following alert but I'm falling short, maybe I'm not seeing a simple solution in front of my eyes.

Tigger an hourly alert when :

Total discount on an order >= (revenue * 110%)

E.g. :
If an order has 200€ worth of merchandise, where 140€ is revenue and 60€is total discount ==> Do not trigger.
If an order has 200€ worth of merchandise, where 85€ is revenue and 115€is total discount ==> Do trigger.

Thus each hour an order like the last one is made, an alert should be sent.

NB : The total discount dimension and revenue dimension are "real dimensions", not calculated ones.

Is it possible to do with the current alert system?
I tried to implement a workaround similar to this one : Adobe Analytics Alerts  or Creating Hourly Alert when Revenue = 0  from urs.boller but with no success yet.

Thanks !

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do you have the revenue and the discount only as dimensions? if yes, i think its not possible to get an alert

best would be to have a counter event for „discount percentage“ (calculate discount/revenue), but this needs implementation in the DTM/Launch...


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Thanks, Yes they are dimensions

Is there any way yo do it without dtm in your opinion?
(we do have DTM and everything setup for this ReportSuite, but if there is a workaround not to use it I would prefer that)


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do you have both values in the same eVar/Prop? if yes, you could do a manual classification... don‘t see any other way ...


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We are talking metrics here (revenue & discount) not dimensions I think, they are in seperate events


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just an idea, don‘t know if it works (because i can‘t test it)

1) create a table with metrics „revenue“ and „discount“, broken down by dimension „order ID“

2) create a new calculated metric „discount %“ with formula {„discount“ / „revenue“ * 100}

and add it to the table. it should show the discount percentage for each order ...

3) create a new calculated metric „discount exceeds revenue“ with formula

{ if (“discount %“ greater than “100“) then “1“ else „0“}

and add it to the table. it should show a „1“ for each order where „discount“ is greater than revenue

4) create a new calculated meteic where you sum up the values of the last added column. formula is like

{column sum „discount exceeds revenue“}

and add it to the table. in every field it will show you the total of orders where the discount exceeded the revenue.

i don‘t know if you can create an alert out of this last metric...

but now you can add other calculations, eg. divide the last calc. metric by the total of orders (approx distinct count „orders“) to get a percentage value.

by using „number visualization„ and hiding the table you have at least a cool number for a dashboard 



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Thanks for the idea

I tried 1) to 3) previously but not yet 4).

==> I just did it and created a "column sum discount exceeds revenue" calculated metric, then created an hourly alert on it to be sent everytime there is a 1% change on it. So far it estimates the alert should have triggered last Wednesday but I do not see any order ID qualifying to trigger it on that date. I'm not sure it is working but i'll let the alert on a few days to analyze the results

So, to be continued...
And thanks again for your help


Community Advisor

great, let me know if it works!

btw: you can set the alert to „greater than 0“ onstead of a change. maybe this way it will trigger faster ...