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Classifying unspecified values


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I've come to find the forums far more helpful than the documentation so here's another question!

I have a report for an evar "login_status" which is working except for some unspecified values when (I think) a user or visit contains both login_status. Example: Someone begins a visit with "not logged in" and during the session the value becomes "logged in" which throws analytics off, expectedly. What I want to do is use classification to classify the unspecified as "logged in". I've tried creating a conversion classification, shown here:


and I've tried using the export/import method, but it says the rows had no effect:


Here's the text from the file:

## SC SiteCatalyst SAINT Import File v:2.1

## SC '## SC' indicates a SiteCatalyst pre-process header. Please do not remove these lines.

## SC D:2018-09-26 09:02:06 A:100064229:119

Key logged in not logged in

~none~ logged in

unspecified logged in

Unspecified logged in

~unspecified~ logged in

~Unspecified~ logged in

Any ideas where I might be going wrong?

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~none~ should be the value to classify.

Rename the None classification key

I'd recommend checking 'Overwrite data on conflicts', since it might be treating the none value as already having a classification value.


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why do you have two classification for the same? I would use just one "login status modified" (as classification) and set the values to "not logged in" or "logged in".

and then set the key as written by Gigazelle


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Hi Gigazelle

Thanks for your reply! As you can see in my original post, I already classified ~none~ as logged in but it had no effect. Here is a screenshot of the page after I import the classification file above


urs.boller​ I have multiple classifications for logged in because I want to catch all and classify anything other than "not logged in" as "logged in".


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Hi John,

Were you able to get the Unspecified value classified? Let us know!