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API Request for Segment Pageviews


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Hi, I'm trying to do an API request but am struggling to get it to work. I'd like to return pageviews by day for a given segment - just need the total pageviews, pageviews by page isn't important. Below is what I'm trying. What am I doing wrong? I'm trying to put this into Klipfolio through its Adobe Analytics data source if that impacts things.



"reportSuiteID": "myrsid",

"dateFrom" : "2017-07-24",



"metrics": [ {"id" : "pageviews"} ], "elements":[{"id":"page"}], "segments":[{"id":"s300002169_59517b268f0c6535eca2dddf"}]




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Hi chrisw71367065

Looks good to me. Except the double quote end " after day, which is missing in the above API request - this could lead to syntax error.

What is the issue seen?


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Thanks for the reply, ishans9314858​. I actually have the " after day, it just accidentally didn't get pasted here.

Would it make a difference if Klipfolio is still using version 1.3 of the API?


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Yes,it may. Version 1.3 didn't have Report.Queue. Instead, there were Report.QueueTrended and all.

You may want to refer to Developer Connection | Adobe Developer Connection  to go through documentation of 1.3.


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I confirmed that it is using version 1.4. When creating the data source they have different report type selections (Trended, Overtime, Ranked, SCMRanked) which I guess use different methods but I tried all of them and none work.

Is there a way I could use one of their custom data sources options instead of the pre-built Adobe Analytics options to retrieve Adobe Analytics data? Something like what's pictured? I'm not sure what the query URL would be and there is nowhere to enter a request like the one above.

klipfolio-data source setup.PNG


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I determined that the reason for the error was because it was trying to force the request into one of Klipfolio's pre-defined Adobe Analytics report types instead of doing a "build your own" custom query.

Thanks for your help though, ishans9314858​.

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