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Activity Map: pageName != a.activitymap.page


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we are using Activity Map for a customer who tracks main navigation by link tracking s.tl(). The page is also a one-page app.

In Activity map reports we get lot of page, links and regions data from the s.tl() - but no overlays are shown in the plugin!

I think the pageName (s.pageName) does not correspond to a.activitymap.page (ie the page URL) (see screenshot) - is this the problem?

Any idea who to solve this?

Thanks and regards, Michael


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you have to add the activitymap pagename manually to your s.tl() calls, see here: Using the s.tl() Function

i hope that solved your problem...


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Hi Urs,

thanks for your hint, but it does not work as the Link tracking has been setup in DTM as Direct Call Rule.

Direct Call Rule seems to have its own variable space, so your suggested solution does not work.




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Can you clarify what you mean by direct call rules having their own variable space?

Also, if it's a single-page app, are you tracking everything as an s.tl() call, or are you making other s.t() calls as well?