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Evar,prop not reflecting in to Adobe Analytics


Level 4


I have a click event over a button on website.

I have created event based rule in DTM.

Evar and prop both have been assigned some values but none of them are reflecting over website.

The assigned evar and prop have been enabled in report suites.

I checked using DTM Switch as well as with adobe debugger over website.

Can someone tell what could be the issue

Please find below the screenshots.





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Level 10

HI -

Thanks for including the web page that has the button you are trying to track! Looking at the web page and the screen shots in your post above, let's try modifying the Element Tag or Selector. There are ways we can go with this:

  • Change the event type to click and leave the Element Tag or Selector field as #user_submit
    - OR -
  • Leave the event type as submit and change the Element Tag or Selector field to be #user_submit_form  

Thanks -



Level 4

Hi Sarah,

Thanks for the quick reply.

I have tried that too but it didn't work.

I don't see the any rule getting fired in console which I have created in Event based rule sectiion.

what can be the issue ?


Ketan Pardeshi


Level 10

Hi Ketan -

Looking at the "Elements" tab in Developers' Tools for http://www.hansacequity.com/  there are two DTM embed codes included on the page (see yellow highlighting in the screen shot below).


In this article - Embed Code and Hosting Options  - it says that there should only be one embed code, and that including more than one can cause conflicts.


This may be part of the issue.

Thanks -



Level 4

Thanks Sarah,

Yes this might have caused the issue.

Well, I will remove one and try.


Level 8

I also think there is a problem in your path condition, if the root path is already provided in the tool definition , you can't put twice the same path . So try changing this and testing. I once had the same problem with URL path conditions; I wanted it to trigger in e.g : "www.x.y.com" and when I put this on the form it did'not work , but it did with "y.com" . Go figure !

Also, the double javaScript code is a problem ! but, since it's just there to charge the JS it should not be an issue if library is charged twice, it's more of a time consumption / loading problem .

Cheers !