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🗣️ [Mentor Josh Stephens] 🌟 Adobe Analytics Community Mentorship Program 🌟



Hello Team,


Welcome to the Adobe Analytics Community Mentorship program! This is the featured Community Discussion thread for your Adobe Analytics Community Mentor, Josh Stephens (@Josh_KC), who will be here to guide and support you and your peers with your Adobe Analytics questions as you prepare for the Adobe Analytics Professional Business Practitioner Certification (Exam ID: AD0-EE212)through to the end of the program. 

A little bit about your Adobe Analytics Community Mentor, Josh:

Josh Stephens, Digital Analyst II, digests, analyzes, and simplifies data to bring clear, actionable information and insights. In his role with Evolytics, a Concord company, he is an analytics consultant and works with a variety of client organizations to improve data reliability, availability, and meaning. He has a lifelong passion for data-supported solutions and a strong business foundation including an MBA. He currently focuses on Adobe Analytics and related technical tools. He is an Adobe Certified Business Practitioner at both the Professional and Expert levels.

Aspirants mapped to Josh (@Josh_KC) :

How to participate 

  1. The Aspirants’ goal is to clear their Adobe Analytics Certification during program live July 21st, 2023 – September 6th, 2023
  2. Aspirants: Post your Questions in this thread to connect with Josh (aka @Josh_KC), and your fellow Aspirant peers.  *You are all preparing for the same Certification, so feel free to use this space to share what you’re learning and collaborate! 
  3. Mentors with the most Certified Aspirants by the end of the program will be recognized, and Aspirants with the highest number of Accepted Solutions in the Analytics Community, along with their Certification, will be recognized by the end of program - wishing you all the best! 

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Let's grow together! 





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Community Advisor

Hi eveyone!


It's nice to meet you and I look forward to working with you during this program.  I'm including a headshot of myself so you can put a face with the name.


Feel free to drop in an introduction of yourself, your background, your passions, and what you hope to get out of this time.


It's great to have this cohort to work with as as you journey toward certification




Level 1

Hi Josh,


Excited to be part of this program. I am Senthil working as a product manager and data analysis is part of my job. I love to discover insights in the data. I am excited to learn adobe analytics with your mentorship and this cohort.  


Senthil Basuva RajSenthil Basuva Raj


Regards, Senti


Community Advisor

Hi @senthil_basuva_ !  Glad you're in the cohort.

Sorry I missed everyone on last Friday's call.  I was on PTO and at the lake.

The certification exams can be a bit daunting, but with the right experience and preparation you can be well prepared!  Have a great weekend



Community Advisor

Hi everyone, 

I'm attaching the 1st module for certification -- Planning & Strategy


This module gives a good overview of the key components of Adobe analytics and how they work together. 

Be sure to carefully study any components you aren't already familiar with.  The certification exam is designed to test a wide variety of areas, some of which you may have worked with yet. 

I'd strongly recommend practicing with new tools and concepts in a sandbox, if you have one available.

There are a variety of links that are provided to dig deeper into areas.

As you come across new things and find something of interest, or have questions, be sure to post here in the thread.  Understanding how others use these tools can help them make more sense. 



Don't be afraid to ask questions -- you're probably not the only one who has the same question!


Warm regards,


Tagging everyone who I have usernames for:









Community Advisor

Each week there will be a different module, so best to spend some time several days this week to work through Module 1.  There will be lots to cover in Module 2 as well so it's best to pace yourself well.


Community Advisor

Hi everyone,


For this exam, there's a heavy emphasis on knowing which tools and which visualizations to use for a variety of scenarios.  


The 2nd module covers some of the key tools used within Analytics.  There's also a discussion of some of the key visualization types.  


I would recommend being able to identify the keywords that can help you know which tool or visualization type to use.  For example, if a question asks about changes over time, I'd first think of a line graph.  If the scenario wants to show portions of the whole, I'd think of donut charts.


This lesson also dives into some tools that can help give your stakeholders more insight such as customizing labels, showing or hiding various elements, and exporting as CSV.


Note, there are some mentions of the developer exam and administrator duties.  It appears these are in error, so I'd suggest just disregarding the first half page or so.


I'd love to hear how these modules are working for you and what you're finding helps.  If you're willing, post a comment that might help the others in group!


Community Advisor

Hi everyone,

If you'd like an opportunity for a 50% off voucher for your certification exam, fill out the form at the link below.  The deadline to submit the form is 8/22.  Vouchers will be sent by 8/30.

This is a great opportunity to reduce the friction around your exam!




Community Advisor

Hi all,


Attached is the 4th module.  This module has some more in depth technical details, some of which might be out of scope.  However, it might be good information to study for the exam.  


As you study, what concepts are you feeling confident in?  Which ones are you feeling less confident in?  It might be good to get some additional conversation going to help each other prepare.


Feel free to ask questions as they arise and have a great weekend!


Community Advisor

Hi @senthil_basuva_ , the module 3 seemed to be the same as module 2.  I checked in with the team.

@seanrobinson do you know if there's a different version of module 3 available?  Also, is there a sandbox available?



No, we are unable to provide a sandbox for Analytics. Do you have access to it through work or school?