s.prop classifications not available in Analysis Workspace?

brentrad 24-02-2020

Anyone else not seeing Traffic (i.e. s.prop) classifications appearing in Analysis Workspace? I see Custom Conversion (i.e. s.eVar) ones for our different variables, but for some reason s.prop ones don't show up as an option. We created the classifications several days ago, and the s.prop has values.


Edit: the s.prop classifications appear in Ad Hoc, just not Analysis Workspace. All product permissions have been granted, and I have full admin rights.

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Check if the Prop Classification Reports are not hidden via the Custom Menu or that you are checking under the correct Report Suite. If everything is setup correctly and you still dont see them, can you please submit a ticket with Support Team by emailing at livesupport@adobe.com and we will look into it.


Double check that you are working with the report suite not with the virtual report suite as the latter may have curation enabled that hides dimensions associated with the classification you are referring to.