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Workfront certified system admin spotlight: Dawnmarie DeAngelo



Meet @Dawnmarie DeAngelo‚, an incredible human who is immersing herself in custom forms and request queues, and who has excellent taste in snack choices! Congratulations on your Workfront system admin certification.

Workfront: What was your background before learning Workfront (super technical, lots of project management, or totally something different)?

Dawnmarie: Prior to learning Workfront I worked in the project management side of printing in printing facilities and print purchasing. I’ve also been involved with operational process improvements, LEAN Management, OSHA compliance and ISO certification over the years.

Workfront: In two sentences or less, how does your organization use Workfront?

Dawnmarie: We are currently using Workfront for project management, request queues and reporting/dashboards. We also use Workfront Proof and Workfront DAM.

Workfront: What is the Workfront accomplishment you are most proud of?

Dawnmarie: Passing the Workfront System Admin. certification. Every time I do text mode, or a calculated field and it works. Creating a 500-field custom form. Using the Kickstarter whenever I can. Every day brings a new accomplishment ‚Äì they all make me smile knowing somewhere along the line it has made someone else’s job easier.

Workfront: How will being Workfront system admin certified change things for you?

Dawnmarie: My team needs to trust I am able to help them achieve their Workfront goals, and I believe being certified helps them feel confident I am qualified to do just that.

Workfront: If you could time travel and go back to tell your newbie-Workfront self anything, what would it be?

Dawnmarie: Permissions, permissions, permissions.

Workfront: What areas of work management do you consider yourself an expert in?

Dawnmarie: ¬≠I’m not sure I am an “expert” in anything, but I am currently immersed in custom forms, request queues, reports and dashboards. I learn something new every day. The ultimate goal is to help our teams utilize Workfront to make their processes more effective.

Workfront: Finally, as a fun way to get to know you, when you get snacky and need a quick treat‚Äîwhat is your favorite “vice”?

Dawnmarie: French fries, these days it’s been potato chips.


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