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Why are some of my tasks starting at 4pm the same day the previous task is due?


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There is a weird glitch in my instance of Workfront that is making some tasks start at 4pm the day the previous task is also due. This is causing people to think their task is scheduled to start a day earlier than it should be starting. Example: a 1 day duration task with a due date of March 2 starts on March 1 at 4pm and ends on March 2 at 4pm. It should start on March 2 at 9am and end at 5pm. I checked the working hours in our schedule, I've checked time zones, I've checked project start times. This is happening across all projects but not for every assignee. Has anyone else experienced this before?


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Hi Katie,

Have you checked the schedule that is associated with the assignees that are experiencing this issue? Workfront automatically updates the the planned start date of a task based on the schedule associated with the primary assignee of that task. . . . . So if you have a task set to start on March 2 at 9am, but you assign it to a user that has a schedule associated with their profile that is 1 hour behind yours, Workfront will change the planned start date to March 1 at 4pm.

Hope this helps!

Best Regards,



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Thank you, Richard! It must be related to this. We are all on the same schedule, but I am in central time and most of my team is in mountain time. I thought that the system would be able to figure that out, but I'll look into the schedules again.