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What are the implications of the selecting "work on it" with regards to reporting?


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We have a report that was created by the former admin of our Workfront instance that shows accuracy of the information in tasks, projects, and issues. One of the users can't find where to fix her errors for "Assigned PM on the Resolving Task". Unfortunately I didn't create the report and am still learning where all the data comes from. When I compare a 'correct' task with an 'incorrect' task of hers, the only difference I found is whether there is a green checkmark in the "Assigned to" box.

I haven't found any Workfront resources on the impacts of clicking "work on it" when you are assigned to a task, other than that is how work is added to your work plan and resourcing and what not. Does it also affect reporting?


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I'm not sure there is much of an implication on reporting when "work on it" is clicked. If the task or issue is assigned to a team, clicking "work on it" just moves it to that user's work list. If it's assigned to an individual, clicking "work on it" moves the task from ready to start to working on, but it doesn't change the status of the object.

If you're referring to the green checkmark that I'm thinking of, that just indicates that person has completed the object.

For us, we're hoping to be able to report on when someone starts working on a task by when they click that "work on it" button, but since that currently doesn't change the status it's not reportable. We've had several recent discussions with Workfront and they are working on an enhancement where you would be able to select what the "work on it" button means for your needs. For us, that would be a status change which would be reportable.


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That's a good suggestion Heather. I hope Workfront is able to make that happen.

Through more digging, it turns out it was simpler than I thought. The user had not added the custom form to the task. #trainingopportunity