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What are the best practices for having more than one team on the same instance? How can you make sure customized objects are kept seperate from team to team?


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Many orgs for this for different departments, for example. You’ll want to separate them by Groups, not Teams. You may have Teams within those Groups. You can have Group-specific templates, members, timesheet profiles, notifications, etc. More on Groups here: https://experienceleague.adobe.com/docs/workfront/using/administration-and-setup/manage-groups/group...

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I agree: Go with Groups. The functionality behind a Group is more about access and settings.

From there I've been known to create a dedicated Portfolio (or more than one) under the Group to isolate the work from the different users. If you need even more segregation, consider Companies.

Teams, for sure, serve a purpose on assignments, resourcing, and Agile functionality, so you might intentionally have Teams that include the same membership as a Group to drive those types of functions.


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Agreed. We recently integrated another one of our business units with an existing business already using the tool and Groups was the perfect solution. Also, if you have team members that need to be able to access other groups work, this set up works wonders for giving people the right access they need.


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Customised object works better for team. If you have specific requirement about access /layout, better assign layout inside the team. Externally you can establish relation between Team and Group too. So, the individual / specific team can be defined with individual/ specific layout / custom object. An illustration below for reference.