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We're running into challenges with videos and proof. Is there a maximum video file size that can be handled by proof? Can you combine multiple videos into one proof? How successful are the results if combining?


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Currently I am testing with .mp4 files ranging from 2mb to 1.09 GB.


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what are the challenges you're running into? I see that the help article says there is a 4GB size limit https://one.workfront.com/s/document-item?bundleId=the-new-workfront-experience&topicId=Content%2FRe...

However, I also spoke to Support about it a few months ago, and they explained that it also has something to do with the stability of your connection (so if your internet connection is flakey, you may find this prevents you from uploading files even if they are not near this size limit).

If you are experiencing problems with the proof generating on your uploaded file, I would suggest you submit a Support ticket, as they can probably help you identify what the problem might be.

PS: I just checked, and looks like you cannot combine two MP4s. They will just upload separately.


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Thanks Skye! I couldn’t find the file size limit. The bid problem is when we are doing files over 1 gig, it seems to hand up and take forever. If you loose patience and click refresh you have to start all over again. We were also hoping that we could send multiple files in one proof like you can with stills, but your feedback is great! Thank you. David Sauers Group Director-Session Design Freeman 813-324-5572