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Using Boards as Request intake management


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We're just starting to look at boards in more detail for some team workflow management, so I'm new to the set up and functionality of boards. I can set up boards for request queue intake management and pull in requests coming in to a certain intake team. Our intake requests always get converted to a task or project and I don't see an easy way to have the converted task project shown on the board without manually changing the project connection on the board, after first converting the request. If I manually change the board project connection first without converting the request to a task or project, then there isn't a resolving request to task/project relationship. I've tried synching and refreshing but that doesn't add a request-task resolving relationship. 


Am I missing something here? I've tried this on Basic and Kanban boards with the same result. My goal is to use boards for request intake management and task/project conversion (keeping the resolving relationship) without adding an extra step of manually changing the board connection. Thanks for any help with my question. 



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Hi Cathy,

I don't think that boards support that level of automation at the moment:

- have requests show up in intake

- convert object within UI

- show resolving object in other columns

I would look for some other option. One suggestion from me:

1. use 2/3 panel dashboard where left panel shows requests (your intake)

2. left panel will have option to convert request to whatever you need

3. use remaining panel to either manage remaining steps of the flow OR at least to show converted objects and use it to add them to the boards


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Hi Rafal, 


Thanks for confirming that boards doesn't have the functionality now that I was looking for. We do already have an intake dashboard, similar to what you describe so I'll look to expand that.