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Typeahead Field for Multiple User Names


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I'm wondering if anyone has been able to set up a Typeahead custom form field so it records multiple user names? My client wants a field like Assignments so they can add mulitple names in but using the typeahead feature where they can select the person's name from the user database.


They want to be able to use it for a Report View where there are columns for who is responsible/accountable for certain tasks which are not assigned to them per se.


If you have any suggestions please let me know.


Many thanks


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Hi Vikki,


Unfortunately, typeahead fields can only have one choice. It's not possible to have multiple entries in the same field. The only workaround are:


  • Have multiple typeahead fields (assignment 1, assignment 2, assignment 3 etc.)
  • Have a multi-select field, with selections for each of the possible users (but not great if there is a large number of people. Would also mean manually updating as people leave/join)
  • Have a free-type field and have people type the names of the people they want to assign.

Best Regards,



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Hey Rich,


Apologies for the late reply, been catching up after some time out of the office.


Many thanks for your suggestions - I will suggest options 1 & 3 as unfortunately as the pool of people is large!


kind regards



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Hi @vikkigibbs_ibm,


At present, Workfront typeahead fields are one-to-one, so given the one-to-many relationship you need, I invite you to consider these alternatives (noting each has its own pros and cons):


  • create multiple typeaheads (e.g. Responsible 1, Responsible 2, Accountable 1, Accountable 2) etc. and then enhance your report filtering to check in each spot (e.g. when a "Responsible" person logs in and runs the Responsible For report, have the filter return Taks where Responsible 1 = $$USER.ID OR Responsible 2 = $$USER.ID). PROS: uses typeaheads which are indeed flexible CONS: requires guessing at the limit, complicates filters, ORs are slow, tricky to maintain CONCLUSION: would not recommend
  • create a stakeholders task as a parent to such tasks and assign those Responsible / Accountable to those stakeholder tasks PROS: leverages the standard one-to-many assignments on tasks, in-line editable on a Task view, simplifies report filtering CONS: complicates project structure, inflates number of tasks CONCLUSION: would not recommend
  • create a stakeholders issue on each such task and assign those Responsible / Accountable to those stakeholder issues, optionally with separate issues for each set of stakeholders (e.g. keeping those Responsible separate from those Accountable) PROS: avoids complicating project structure, avoids inflating number of tasks, leverages the standard one-to-many assignments on issues, in-line editable on an Issue view, simplifies report filtering CONS: inflates the number of issues, creates additional maintenance (i.e. such Issues must be closed -- although perhaps even upon creation, by convention --  to eventually close the Task/Project) CONCLUSION: worth consideration
  • create a multi-select dropdown (i.e. label = Name of each such person, value = ID of each such person), attach it to each such task of interest, and update it to create the one-to-many relationship PROS: relatively easy to set up and maintain, simplifies filtering (including the $$USER.ID concept above), inline-editable on a task report, avoids inflating the number of tasks, avoids inflating the number of issues CONS: requires foreknowledge and maintenance of a limited set of users (i.e. the contents of the multi-select dropdown),best suited for a relatively small and static list of such users CONCLUSION: would recommend