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In my efforts to use Workfront for everything I keep exploring features I hope will work a certain way and then I can't quite configure them the way I need to. Looking to the experts on this page to let me know if I am missing something. With "work from home" being a new feature for my company, our time-tracking methods need work. I was hoping to use the Time-sheets in WF for my direct reports to submit their weekly time to me. Then I need to review/approve it and send to our Administrative Assistant to input into our Kronos system for payroll. It looked like a great solution but here are a few issues I encountered.

Change the date range: Our company works on a Monday-Sunday payroll schedule. I can't find a way to edit the week in WF to run the same. I did set the time-sheet to create weekly on Monday so the fields to enter time show up in the right order but the time-sheet range still factors the date range starting on Sunday and it does not allow us to enter time in the Sunday column.

Only 1 week display: The time-sheets seem to auto create with 2 weeks of dates to enter time. This is going to cause confusion if the designer doesn't pay attention to the date associated with the day of the week when they are entering the time. I tried disabling the "ability to log time on future dates" but that didn't remove the 2 week range just the ability to enter time for the future. I don't want to disable that. I think that would be handy when someone will be on vacation to submit their time-sheet ahead.

Overtime: Is there any way to preset the "normal" amount of hours so the Overtime field auto calculates for anything over 40 hours? Currently they need to manually input the OT total.

Exporting: I found the way to export time-sheets from the All Time-sheets area but that only allows for the single line with the total hours to export. Is there any way to export these from within the time-sheets? I need to send the actual hours worked to our admin for payroll. The designers include this in the comments section, but I can't see a way to export showing the comments.

I appreciate any help you can offer and am remaining hopeful there is a way to accomplish this.




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Hi Tim,

I invite you to consider our UberTimesheet solution for these items, and if you think it might be a fit, email me at doug.denhoed@atppstore.com.




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@Tracy Parmeter‚ Hello Tracy! Seeing this today and wondering if you've developed process or solution that addresses all or most of the needs you'd outlined on this post?



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Hi Tammie, Unfortunately I did not. I ended up moving companies a month after this post and this no longer became a need for me. My previous company was not interested in investing money into a paid solution for this need. I hope you have better luck. I really think these should be functions included in the standard Workfront. Our goal after all is to use this one program for all our needs. It needs to encompass some of these tools in order to achieve that.