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Time Off Functionality and Reporting


Level 3

Is anyone using Workfront for their company or department Time Off Functionality?

Meaning, you would have custom form set up with each users initial time off for the year and as they take time off you can run a report on how much time off they used and have remaining?

Currently, I’m able to show how much time off they use, but on the front end, have not yet set up how much time each user has to start with.

Wasn’t sure if anyone is doing this and has reporting set up without using Fusion.

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Level 6

We do time off scheduling through Workfront using Fusion, but we don't track hours used vs accumulated.  They submit a request and it adds a task to a time off project once they receive approval.  We use a custom calendar and reports to show when someone is out. 

When someone puts in for time off they're responsible for knowing their balance which is tracked using a separate HR timekeeping system.


Level 10

We also use Fusion for a PTO request queue. The user has availalble PTO of different types (Holiday, sick time, personal days, etc.) in their custom user form, they request time off via a queue and it automatically goes to their manager for approval. Once approved, it deducts available days from the appropriate PTO type and marks the days off in their Time Off calendar. These in-turn reflect in the Workload Balancer.


Level 3

Appreciate both your replies.

I'm looking into Fusion as the solution.