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Thoughts and Prayers for our Friends in Armenia


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Although we all have a zillion things to think about these days, “how are our Workfront Development friends in Armenia faring?” crosses my mind quite often lately, so after a quick consultation with a colleague at Workfront, I decided to post this here.

I invite you to join me in sending positive thoughts and prayers for safety, peace, and a return to prosperity.




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Doug, thank you for asking - I want to share something I communicated internally to our team in Armenia last week, "My teammates, my friends and my family. You may or may not know this but one of your colleagues, Jon Hawkins, is a congressman here in Utah. With his help I am sending the attached letter on behalf of all of Workfront to our two US Senators and our four US Congressmen today. And beyond this letter I want you to know that all of Workfront is thinking about you, the entire executive team is getting updates several times a day and I am reading many different news sources and reviewing the status of each of our employees daily. I am also praying for you. We are with you" - I am sure our team in Armenia would deeply appreciate all of your positive thoughts, prayers and encouragement!


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Thank you, @Doug Den Hoed‚ , for starting this thread, and @Alex Shootman - inactive‚ for posting the appeal you made on behalf of your employees in Armenia and their country men & women. It is good to remember we are all connected and unified in our desire for peace.


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Well said, Mavis. I've been watching the news, but just didn't know what to say. Many thanks to @Doug Den Hoed‚ for his heartfelt message and to @Alex Shootman - inactive‚ for sharing your communication and for bringing the world a little bit closer.

To our Armenian friends, we are thinking of you and praying for a peaceful resolution 🌍


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Thank you for posting this - I will join you in prayer.