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Tasks - Planned Completion Date


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Hi Workfront Community!

I hope I can explain this in a way that is easy to follow so bare with me a little!

Our App Dev, Web Dev and Systems teams have their own versions of a backlog project. Each backlog project contains tasks that each team reviews regularly and prioritizes what can be worked on next. Sometimes, these tasks originate as requests from our end users via our request queue and sometimes the tasks are entered by team members manually as things come up that they know need to be addressed at some point.

What I’m struggling with when it comes to these tasks is the planned completion date because most of the time, we just don’t know when we will get to these tasks and we don’t want to put a random planned completion date on them just to have to move it a bunch. We would rather leave the planned completion date blank until the task has been reviewed by the appropriate team members and a realistic planned completion date has been established.

Also, when it comes to issues submitted by our end users that eventually become tasks on these backlog projects - when I convert the issue to a task and add it to the appropriate backlog project, it sets the planned completion date of the task to be the day it was converted. I don’t want that - I want to be able to leave that planned completion date blank. (much like when a request is submitted, the planned completion date says “Not Available” until it has been set by the person assigned to the request/issue - at least that's how we've set it up in our queue by not adding a default duration)

Does anyone have a similar process in their organization? Is there a project setting I’m missing or is this functionality just not available right now?

I appreciate any insight / feedback!



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is it possible to create and leave them as issues until they have a due date?

if not, is it possible to create a custom date field and coordinate the project tasks off this field thus ignoring the planned completion date? (maybe even have the planned completion date be set to 1/1/2030 or ALAP and the project set to a planned completion date of 1/1/2030)