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Switch back to new home experience


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I accidentally switched back to the current home experience and want to go back to the new home experience released earlier this year. I can't seem to find a way to do this. Any help would be much appreciated!

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Hi, if you go to System Preferences and click the box for "Users in the system will default to the new home experience", I've found that that only turns on the *banner* to try the New Home.  So, you could click the preference box, and then click on your banner to go to New Home.  Then, go back to System Preferences and uncheck the box again.


In the time that you are switching your own account, the banner will show for everyone in the system, so you may want to do this early/late when most other users are out of the system.  Also, you can test this in Preview to make sure it's doing what you expect.


Hope that helps!


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This is how I've accomplished it. While you can use the URLs to go between the different workspaces/worklist, this is the only way to make it your default again.


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You can go back and forth using URLs -- just bookmark both. The URL for each is:


old home: https://__________.my.workfront.com/home/worklist

new home: https://__________.my.workfront.com/home/workspaces