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Suppressing notifications for Request Queue "Teams"? (i.e. Event: "A document is added to a project I'm on")


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We want to turn on the event notification of sending an email to project team members when someone uploads a new document to their project. At the same time, we route our requests using Request Queues, which are, themselves projects.

When we turn on this notification, when a requestor uploads a file as part of the request/issue, it triggers the event and sends an email to everyone that's on the Request Queue (all other requestors).

Is there a way we can still have this event trigger on but suppress the email from going out on projects that are marked as request queues? Or perhaps a different way of configuring the request queues?

Thank you


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Hi Blusean,

This is intriguing so I'm curious, have you turned off the "Document Add to Project Team" notification? I believe if you leave the "Request Document Add to Risk or Issue Assigned To" notification on and turn the other one off it may resolve the issue as the latter only notifies the person assigned to the request. You might also turn off the "Document Add to Project Team" notification so that it doesn't notify everyone on the project.

Hope this helps,



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Hi Teale,

If I'm reading it right, I think what you're saying is the opposite of what we're trying to do.

An example of our goal:

  • Say there is a Project 1 with 10 assigned team members
  • The team members of Project 1 wants to be notified if any of them attaches a new document to Project 1. We attach documents on the Document section on a Project level (vs Tasks)

Based on the description of the event trigger, that's why we turned on Document Add to Project Team in the Information about Projects I'm On section.

The configuration actually works as described. Everyone on the People tab of the project is notified when a document is added for Project 1.

The complication, however, is we're using Request Queues, which are also Projects.

Since a Request Queue is a project, requesters show up on the People tab, as well (and all other people who have access to the request queue)

When a requester attaches a file as part of submitting a request, that counts as a user (the requester) adding a document to a project (the Request Queue). This triggers the event, and then sends out an email to everyone else associated to the queue.

So I think the trigger works well, but it's controlling it for two different use cases. I was wondering if a combination of configurations/settings will allow us to keep the notifications for actual projects and ignore if it occurs on Request Queues... or perhaps some guidance we might have missed when setting up Request Queues in the first place.



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We've been struggling with this too.  We want our staff on specific projects to receive notifications when requestors upload documents to projects, but we DONT want everyone assigned to the request queue to get a notification when a document is added with a brand new request.  I've messaged with Workfront support elsewhere on Experience League about it, but they recommended we setup more granular request queues so less people would be notified.  That isn't really an option for us, since we have a team of ~20 people working requests that come in through one single form.  


Has anyone out there found a solution to this?  It's driving our staff nuts.