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Sum of figures in a column


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I want to calculate the sum of an expense that is entered on a custom form across various projects in a single report column to display a total. Text mode seems to be the answer, but I'm not even sure where to start with it.


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I don't really do anything in the expense side of things but it would seem to me that you could just use the existing summarize functionality (available on any numerically-formatted field). Is there something about this that isn't working for you?



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I realized that my field was set to text rather than currency so I can now see the options to summarize. The broader issue is that this is being run on a project report, because we do not currently use the expense or finance areas of the application (long story).

I set summary to SUM and switched to text mode because I need the display name to be different. I'm not getting any summary results with the below.



aggregator.namekey=Actual Estimate

aggregator.valuefield=DE:Actual Estimate


displayname=Combined Actual Estimate


namekey=Actual Estimate

querysort=DE:Actual Estimate


valuefield=Actual Estimate



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I don't want to state the obvious, but there's not really enough data in here to figure out what the problem is, so here's my best guess. Did you know you need to have at least one grouping "set" in order to see a sum total? If you have no groupings, Workfront doesn't really know what you want to "total".


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What Skye said… Also, you can change a column header without going to text mode by selecting "Advanced Options" and typing in a new header name.