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Restrict user access to some tasks but not all - Which permissions does the "Never give access to the whole project when assigned to a task or issue" restrict?


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Update: This thread is resolved. There was a glitch in the backend that was not allowing the setting to work. Now it is fixed. 

Solution: In the access level assigned to the user, select the feature :  "Never give access to the whole project when assigned to a task or issue". Unless the project is directly shared with the user, the user will only be able to view tasks, issues, and documents assigned to them, without access to any other project information.




1. I have a user outside of my company, whom currently a project is shared with (at the project sharing level). They have a couple of tasks assigned to them within the same project. I would like them to only be able to view the tasks assigned to them and not all of the tasks in the project. How do I accomplish that?


Note: Initially the project was not shared with the user and the user was not able to see the tasks assigned to them. Also, the user has View license.


2. I set the feature in their access level to:  "Never give access to the whole project when assigned to a task or issue" as I thought that might restrict my user's access but this workaround does not seem to address this particular case.

What is an example of when this option works? When does it come useful?

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You didn't mention where you set the feature in your second step. It is available in the Setup area of Workfront as well as on every single project (and template), so this would be a good detail for you to share when troubleshooting with others.


If you create a [new test] project that is not yet shared with anyone, and then set that one project's access settings to not allow access to the project; and then if you create a task and assign it to a user who is not a system admin, that user should be able to access the task and not be able to see or access the project.


If you're failing to achieve this result on an existing project, it's possible that your user already somehow has permission to view the project. In the case where a user can already see the project, assigning them a task would not magically supersede or remove this type of permission.


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Hi there; 


Thank you very much for your response.


Re: first part of your response:

In the 2nd item above, I had mentioned that I set the option in their access level; I have edited my post to make it stand bolder that I set it up in the Access Level that is assigned to the user; I hope that it is noticed better now. 


I don't see the option  "Never give access to the whole project when assigned to a task or issue" anywhere else but only in the access level setting. Can you guide me where else you see the same setting?



Re: Second part of your response:


You are correct, the user has permission to see the project as currently it is shared with them ( through project Sharing). Initially it was not shared with them and the user was still not able to see the tasks assigned to them. 


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ahhh, thank you! That helps a lot. 


1) Your user isn't able to see "only tasks" assigned to them in the project -- because they haven't been given access to the project.

2) If you give them access to the project -- they will be able to see all the other tasks (and everything else) in the project.


The functionality we're discussing ("access to the whole project") -- whether this is in the project/template, the setup area, or the access level setting, is an all-or-nothing functionality, in that you can either see the project or not. There isn't a compromise where you can only see parts of the project that pertain to you (like tasks you are assigned). So to your last point, when is this functionality useful -- it's only useful if you do not want anyone to see the project at all.


For your use case (you want the user to only see their tasks in the project -- but nothing else about the project), your best compromise is to continue to control it as you have, by access level, and then pair this functionality with an assignment report that is keyed to show that user anything that they have been assigned.


Hope this better answers your question!