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Reporting Challenge:


Level 3

Mgmt would like to have Rush and Super Rush defined by two task differentials.

  • Super Rush would be any project that is final due (Milestone) within 3 days of project opened/converted (Project Actual Start)
  • Rush would be any project with R1 (design) or CC1 due (Milestones) to partner within 3 days of project opened/converted. (Project Actual Start)

My initial though is to filter for these tasks, group by project and then conditionally format for Rush/Super Rush... Second thought to put calcs on custom forms (milestone calc on project?).

Also feeling like there might be a simpler solution I am not seeing.



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Level 2

My initial thought because it seems easy, would be to add it to the custom form and create a report from those selected options.


Level 10

Hi - here is a Calculation for a task custom form that can tell you if the due date is within 3 days of the Project's Actual Start Date. You could use conditional formatting for coloring to make Final Due milestone a different color.

IF(DATEDIFF(Planned Completion Date,Project.Actual Start Date)<3,"Yes","No")

Hope that helps.