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Report on Approvers listed on Approval Processes


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Is it possible to report on the approvers listed in an approval process without it being tied to an object yet? I've searched and tried and haven't been successful yet. Basically, I need to know from setup what teams or named users are listed in the approvers field on an approval processes that have been created. 






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hi, since an approval process can have many approvers, you would need to consider a collection. If you reference the collections documentation on AEL, you'll find the following in the limitations section:



i.e. you cannot build a collection view of another collection. 


I'm attaching a screenshot below in case it's useful for you to picture this.


An approval process is a collection of approval paths.

Each approval path is a collection of approval stages.

Each approval stage is a collection of step approvers.


So it ends up that what you're asking for is a collection of approvers in a collection of stages in a collection of approval paths. 


Screenshot 2023-11-14 150354.png


Reporting functionality currently doesn't work this way. Hope this helps your understanding.


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I figured as such since I’ve been unsuccessful in figuring it out and was familiar with the documentation on collections.  I was kind of hoping someone had an idea on a another creative way to get the information out - Maybe another report type, etc. to piece it all together. 


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thanks, that's helpful to know.

Have you tried exporting your approvals (as a kickstart) and gleaning what you need off the approvers tab?

(You didn't mention, but if this is for ongoing maintenance, I would then store the information on each process's description field, so you would only have to go through this exercise one time.)